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SLA 2021: STEM Outreach Challenges and Solutions

How do we, as STEM librarians, understand and meet the unique challenges of our 21st-century STEM researchers? How do we embed ourselves in the research communities we serve and deliver library resources and services from within the research lifecycle? How can we re-examine and recalibrate the delivery of our expertise and knowledge in a way that makes it easier for researchers to adopt our learning outcomes? How can we be creative in our interactions with the department and researchers? We will start with an examination of outreach challenges that STEM librarians face and explore some creative solutions from the behavioral sciences, closing with a look at what the future might hold for science librarianship.

Testerman, M. (2021) Outreach Challenges and Solutions for the 21st Century STEM Librarian. Presentation at the annual conference of the Special Library Association.

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