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Systematic Review Service at Princeton University Library

The Systematic Review Service Taskforce is currently in the process of building a service to provide search strategy design, data collection, data management, and publication assistance to Princeton users engaged in evidence synthesis.

Phase I: Groundwork

Create taskforce

Determine needs of Princeton researchers

Literature review

Identify librarian training opportunities

Phase II: Service Infrastructure

Create web presence for service

Establish guidelines on collaborating with librarians

Create guidelines for intake, processing, and assigning SRs

Create supporting documents or forms as appropriate

Create guidelines for researchers on SR processes

Phase III: Launch, outreach, instruction

Launch service with the assistance of Library communication team

Determine assessment mechanism

Outreach campaign

Develop workshop/instruction series

Phase IV: Assessment

Contribution: Taskforce chair, co-author

Collaborators: Emily Wild and Kelee Pacion

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