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SLA 2020: Using Twitter to Virtually Embed in Research Communities

Delivered at the Special Library Association (SLA) Annual Conference October 2020

Research suggests that academic researchers, especially researchers in the sciences, tend to seek information from within their community before consulting the library, even in situations where a liaison model is already in place. (MacKenzie, 2014, Long and Schonfeld 2013, Brown and Tucker, 2013)

Embedded librarianship, in which the librarian integrates physically into departments, research groups, classrooms, or laboratories, has been successful in introducing librarians to research communities but is not always an available option.

In this session, I will demonstrate how subject librarians can use the micro-blogging platform Twitter to become virtually embedded in the research communities they serve. We will look at how to use Twitter to assess the needs of your users, explore, develop, and market library research services, and shift perceptions of how libraries and librarians can improve research outputs.

Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wVWspxAwdZHcyEHVMPYml0IJ0rM8F5pg/view?usp=sharing

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