Image from Face Research Lab's 'London Set'. DeBruine, Lisa; Jones, Benedict (2017): Face Research Lab London Set. figshare. Dataset.

A-Z Directory of Face Stimulus Image Databases

An A-Z directory of databases containing face stimulus sets available for use in behavioral studies.

Princeton Handbook for Reproducible Neuroimaging

A community-built handbook for best practices in fMRI research. A collaborative effort from the Princeton neuroimaging support group known as Pygers.

Paula P. Brooks, Elizabeth A. McDevitt, Anne C. Mennen, Meghan Testerman, Na Yeon Kim, Matteo Visconti di Oleggio Castello, & Samuel A. Nastase. (2021, January 21). Princeton Handbook for Reproducible Neuroimaging (Version v0.2.0). Zenodo.

ReproducibiliTea Princeton

ReproducibiliTea is a journal club for all things related to research transparency, openess, and reproducibility that started at Oxford and now has clubs around the world.

Collaborator: Robin Gomila, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

Contribution: Co-facilitator

Partners: Betsy Levy Paluck, Princeton University Library, Princeton Department of Psychology

Twitter: Princeton_Tea


DDSSI Grant for the creation of a database of prejudice reduction literature

Princeton Data-Driven Social Science initiative Grant for $17,000 has been awarded to Meghan Testerman and Betsy Levy Paluck for the creation of a searchable database of prejudice reduction literature. 2020-2021

Based on the following meta-analysis:

Paluck, E. L., Porat, R., Clark, C. S., & Green, D. P. (2021). Prejudice reduction: Progress and challenges. Annual Review of Psychology, 72(1), 533-560. doi:10.1146/annurev-psych-071620-030619


Betsy Levy Paluck, Princeton University

Donald P. Green, Columbia University

Chelsey Clark, Princeton University

Roni Porat, Hebrew University

Books & Brains: An exploration of early psychology and neuroanatomy texts

Books & Brains was an interactive event and digital exhibit curated by myself and Emma Sarconi, Reference Professional for Special Collections. The event featured items from Princeton University Library's Special Collections, Rare Books, and the Peter B. Lewis Library's limited access collection.

Collaborators: Emma Sarconi

Contribution: Co-curator, co-author

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Baby Lab comes to the Cotsen Children's Library and Special Collections

"Nearly 20 Princeton University graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and staff from the Princeton Baby Lab visited Cotsen Children’s Library and Special Collections to learn more about Princeton University Library's educational programming for children and special collections in children's literature. The Baby Lab, a University research group led by the Department of Psychology, studies the early learning and development of children, inviting volunteer families and children to campus to examine how the children learn and how that learning ultimately supports the child's development."

Press release


Andrea Immel, Curator, Cotsen Children's Library

Casey-Lew Williams, Professor of Psychology

Embedded Librarianship: Princeton Open Ventilator Monitor Collaboration [Pre-print]

PREPRINT: Inexpensive multi-patient respiratory monitoring system for helmet ventilation during COVID-19 pandemic

Princeton Open Ventilation Monitor Collaboration, Philippe Bourrianne, Stanley Chidzik, Daniel J Cohen, Peter Elmer, Thomas Hallowell, Todd J Kilbaugh, David Lange, Andrew M Leifer, Daniel R. Marlow, Peter D. Meyers, Edna Normand, Janine Nunes, Myungchul Oh, Lyman Page, Talmo Pereira, Jim Pivarski, Henry Schreiner, Howard A Stone, David W Tank, Stephan Thiberge, Christopher Tully

medRxiv 2020.06.29.20141283; doi: