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STEM Librarians Collective 2021: Special Collections and STEM

Abstract: When we think of the many ways that academic libraries support STEM researchers, we tend to think about libraries providing access to scientific journals and e-books, supporting research data management and open science practices, becoming embedded in the research lifecycle, and offering cutting edge technology in makerspaces.

We seldom think of Special Collections as a library unit that could provide support to STEM researchers and their needs; to which we would like to offer a conterviewpoint— one in which we do not think of Special Collections as serving research needs and outcomes, but rather as an entity that can provide opportunities for enrichment, inspiration, historical perspective, and appreciation for one’s field through the materials found in Special Collections.

We will present three examples of ‘interactive exhibits’ for STEM users from Princeton University’s Special Collections and Rare Books and discuss successes, challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for future STEM outreach programming in Special Collections.

Sarconi, E., Testerman, M. (2021) Engaging STEM researchers with Special Collections. Presented at the STEM Librarians Collective Conference 2021, Virtual.

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